Peopleplus Enhancement - Unpaid Leave

The recovery of unpaid leave no longer needs to be calculated manually. By following the procedures below the system will make the necessary recovery.


Step 1:

Go to your General Leave Types Sub Folder under the leave configuration.
On the unpaid annual leave type, click on the Unpaid leave dropdown box and select "Yes" to activate the automatic unpaid leave deduction in the payroll.

Click on "Save"

Step 2:

Once the employee applies for unpaid leave and it is approved, said leave will go through to
unpaid leave.

In order for this to be actioned in payroll, click on unpaid leave.
All the employees with unpaid leave will appear.


Click on "Edit"
You should now be able to either Accept or Decline each unpaid leave transaction for the employees.
Click on "Update"

Make sure that you have field allocated the unpaid leave to the relevant employees.
After you process the payroll, the unpaid leave negative amounts will show on the payroll.


Should you wish to continue with the manual calculation and capturing, you may do so.
Shoud you have any queries please contact the office on (011) 867 3968 or



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