PeoplePlus Support Centre

Support Infrastructure
The PeoplePlus Customer Support Centre operates on Internet-based trouble ticketing where all support calls are logged and dispatched. All reported incidents are classified for severity with 3 levels of incidents severity (Low, Medium, High), triggering different internal resolution procedures and escalation routes, and producing automatic reports of due date for resolution to PeoplePlus and Customer parties.

Incident reporting follow up
The PeoplePlus Support organisation will respond to the customer within an agreed timeframe, based on the severity of the incident. This contact will indicate the ticket #, the severity of the incident, as well as the expected timeframe for providing a temporary fix/workaround, as well as a permanent resolution to the incident. There is an automatic notification of “high” severity incidents to the PeoplePlus support manager.

Incident resolution follow up
Each incident resolution is communicated to the user who reported it as well as the Customer administrator. Fixed software flaws are summarised in the description note of each feature or patch release.

Support Services

Call Center

PeoplePlus offers a Call Centre, which can be contacted for any assistance, whether Sales or Support. Our helpful staff will assist with any and all queries, from initial Registration through to Payroll Processing, and Support calls are logged within the client system, and added to the monthly debit order.

e-Mail Support

PeoplePlus offers Email Support to all existing and new clients. This method is used mainly for implementation processes, or other queries that cannot be resolved via the Call Centre.

Video Tutorials

PeoplePlus now boasts 45 useful Video Tutorials within the system that offer step-by-step assistance with certain functions. The videos that are available cover all aspects of the system, from Setup and Overviews to Payroll, Performance and Disciplinary, ensuring maximum understanding in an easy-to-understand format.

Contextual Help Links

Based on the User Help Guides, the PeoplePlus system has Contextual Help Links on all pages throughout the system, allowing access to view the usage of the page in detail, and minimising the need to contact PeoplePlus for assistance, reducing support costs and ensuring staff are as proficient as possible in system usage and knowledge.

User Help Guides

The PeoplePlus Support Centre offers full User Help Guides for all portions of the system, including HR User Guide, Payroll Guide and HR Configuration Guide. These Guides offer step-by-step guidance on how to use the entire PeoplePlus system, from setting up the organisation’s parameters to maintaining personnel profiles.

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